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Fossil Preparation Tools
Artefact Conservation Tools, Ancient Excavated Coin Cleaning Tools

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Pneumatic Fossil Preparation Pen. Model TT


More details on our TT fossil preparation pen

Pneumatic Fossil Preparation Pen. Model SL2


More details on our SL2 fossil preparation pen


Pneumatic Fossil Preparation Grinder. Model DG


More details on our DG fossil preparation grinder

Pneumatic Ultrasonic Scaler Pen. Model DS
Fossil Preparation, Artefact conservation, Ancient excavated coin cleaning Tool.


More details on our DS fossil preparation scaler pen

Pneumatic Fossil Preparation Grinder. Model AG


More details on our AG fossil preparation grinder

Pneumatic Fossil Preparation Chisel. Model SQ


More details on our SQ fossil preparation chisel

Pneumatic Air Flow Pin vice
Fossil Preparation, Artefact conservation, Ancient excavated coin cleaning Tool


More details on our AF pinvice

Spares Repairs & Upgrades
   Overhauls &  Servicing 
  • Comprehensive supply of spares and technical support for all our Fossil Preparation Tools. An invaluable service for the intrepid preparator to consider.
  • Fossil Preparation Tools serviced & repaired back to peak effectiveness. Quick turnaround guaranteed.
  • Replacement Styluses, Stylus Point repairs, Replacement Grinder Burrs. Immediate despatch.

Fossil Preparation.
Artefact Conservation
   Consolidants & finishes
  • Surface finishes, varnishes
  • Glues & consolidants

Fossil Preparation 14 inch Diamond Blade Trim Saw
Commercial workshop level hand fed saw for slicing and trimming fossil matrixes.

Price on application



Fossil Preparation Blaster
Artefact Conservation
Airbrasive       Airabrasive


100% fossil preparation focused. Designed and produced by us with emphasis on ease of use and user maintanance. No nonsense practical performance using fossil friendly powders. Top quality industry level components. Powder flow and air pressure adjustment.

Industrial level unit. £590
Home workshop level unit. £440

Fossil Preparation Microscope
Artefact Conservation. Ancient coin cleaning Microscope
Bausch & Lomb


Top Qualty stereo zoom microscopes. Preowned units matched to our own robust custom made stand and LED lighting specifically designed for fossil preparation in a workshop environment. They are a very cost effective way to acquire a highly capable high end performing microscope. A very practical setup having a far greater working distance and field of view than general microscopes and stands.

Air Compressors
Air Delivery Systems

Fossil Preparation Home workshop level compressor setups to match your tool selection.

Contact us for details.

Fossil Preparation Service
Artefact Conservation Service
Comprehensive    Practical


  • Well established. Over 35 years experience
  • Available to all. Cost effective.
  • Estimates and Consultations offered.

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