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Fossil Preparation Pens

Pneumatic Fossil Preparation Pen. Model TT
Powerful flexible and extremely practical pen specifically designed and produced by us for fossil preparation.

More details on our TT fossil preparation pen here

Pneumatic Fossil Preparation Pen. Model ST
Adapted from a well established generic metal engraver. Often considered our entry level or beginners pen. Has all the essential characteristics and refinements required for fossil preparation introduced by us. Ever popular and proven performance. Many supplied over many years.

More details on our ST fossil preparation pen here

Pneumatic Fossil Preparation Pen. Model SL2
Specifically designed and produced by us to meet the exacting requirements of fossil preparation at the very highest level,. Uncompromised quality flexibility and performance.

More details on our SL2 fossil preparation pen here

Pneumatic Micro Fossil Preparation Pen. Model NP
A pen designed and extensively adapted by us for fine finishing or micro work. Very fine point and gentle delicate delivery with a frugal air consumption.

More details on our NP micro preparation pen here

Pneumatic Fossil Stonework Chisel. Model SQ
A powerful robust tool considerably adapted by us for swift removal of bulk Stone Rock Matrix on very large free standing blocks. 5.5mm diameter non rotating well supported tungsten carbide chisel. Front exhaust. Instant on off lever switch. Low air consumption and a very high level of essential control for a tool of this size and power.

Fossil Preparation Grinders

Pneumatic Fossil Preparation Grinder. Model AG
High quality grinder. Produced and developed here by us with several fossil preparation focused characteristics unavailable on generic grinders, including a front exhaust, essential for dust clearance from the immediate work area. A fine variable speed adjustment and and a economical air consumption. Supplied with fittings hose and a selection of 5 quality long life burrs selected specifically and proven performers for fossil preparation. A powerful tool , exceptionally effective.

Pneumatic Fossil Preparation Grinder. Model DG
High speed turbine grinder over 350,000rpm. 45 degree head.. Instant push fit and push release of 1/16th 1.6mm burrs. Extensively modified and adapted by us for fossil preparation, with standard pneumatic fittings, on off variable lever switch and powerful extremely useful front exhaust, typically absent on generic grinders. Very effective for virtual shockless delicate grinding especially under magnification. Complete with a selection of diamond burs.

More details on our DG fossil preparation grinder here

Fossil Preparation Hand Tools

Geological /Archaeological Pin Vice
Manufactured solely by us specifically to meet the exacting requirements of geological/archaeological conservation Considerably more robust than medical types, more finesse than engineering types. Complete with one hundred 0.8mm dia hardened steel pins

Spares Servicing & Upgrades
 Repairs    Modifications   Servicing 

For all Fossil Preparation Geological Based Tools

  • Comprehensive supply of spares for all Fossil Preparation tools.
  • We can service pens back to peak efficiency.
  • Replacement Styluses. Points and needles
  • Upgrading of basic air incisors and general air engravers
    (CP9361, ARO and similar) to superior standards.
  • One of a kind tools produced or specialist modifications for your specific applications
  • Diamond & Tungsten grinding burrs specifically suited for Fossil Preparation

Fossil Preparation Airabrasive Unit
Uses compressed air from your compressor in conjunction with cabinet and extractor
  • Foot pedal on / off switch
  • Micro .062 inch nozzle
  • Adjustable powder and air flow
  • Fossil Preparation Air Abrading Powders available

High build quality produced by us .

More details on the Airabrasive here

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 Pricing & Ordering.

As is typical of many, if not most manufacturing and service led, (rather than solely retailing,) businesses it is impractical to put our prices directly on our web site. Acquiring Fossil Preparation Tools is a major decision and experience has shown us purchasers often have questions to ask. Contacting us is a good introduction into getting those questions answered.

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